Global Server Patch Notes - December 24th




Dear Commander,

     Merry Christmas! Thank you for your support and love for Infinity Mechs. The global server will go under maintenance at around 00:30, December 24th (PST). During the maintenance period, you may still get access to the server. After maintenance, you will need to restart the game to download the latest version. Relevant reimbursement will be sent to your mailbox to express our appreciation for your understanding.


Feature Updates

1. New 5 star mecha Zhu Que

2. Added new Special Pack

   R&D Ticket Weekly Pack: get 1050 gems after purchase and 1 R&D ticket every day for 7 days.

   Super R&D Ticket Pack: get 90 R&D tickets.

   Limited Pack 8: get 4950 gems and 1 extra random 5-star part.


Limited Event

1. BOSS Challenge

Time: Dec. 24th- Dec. 30th  

Details: players can get rewards (including parts, honor coin, R&D tickets) by completing missions about accumulated times of BOSS Challenge.

2. Rally squad

Time: Dec. 24th- Dec. 30th  

Details: players can get rewards (including energy crystal, gems, R&D tickets) by completing missions about accumulated times of rallying squad.


Rate Up

1. Time: 2020, Dec. 24th- 2021, Jan. 6th

5-star mech Zhu Que rate up in Research



General Updates

Expedition 2.0

1. Added a Reset button. Player can reset the current progress, including attribute of enemies, encounters, laps and player’s starting point.

2. Added new encounters which can change players direction.

3. Added new BOSS. Player will be rewarded and the lap will increase after defeating BOSS.

4. With the laps increasing, the reward player can get will increase too.




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