12/17/2020 Update Notice





Dear Commander,

     Thank you for your support and love for Infinity Mechs. The global server will go under maintenance at around 0:30 AM, December 17th in PST (approximately). During the maintenance period, you may still get access to the server. After maintenance, you will need to restart the game to download the latest version. Relevant reimbursement will be sent to your mailbox to express our appreciation for your understanding.


[Limited Event]

1. Expedition

►Time: Dec. 17th- Dec. 23th  

►Details: players can get rewards (including diamonds, R&D tickets) by completing missions about accumulated times of Expedition.

2. PVP

Time: Dec. 17th- Dec. 23th

►Details: players can get rewards (including R&D tickets, energy crystal, honor coin) after certain PVP times.


[Christmas Event]

Login Event

►Time: Dec. 17th- Dec. 30th  

►Details: Log in everyday on Infinity Mechs to claim a free Christmas gift! Sneak peak at whats inside: Honor Coin, Diamond, and more!

Xmas Teaser!  Next update will feature Christmas special event, please expect!



If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Official Website: http://infinitymechs.com/